What is 'Beyond the map'?

Beyond the Map is an augmented reality app that allows visitors of the London Festival of Architecture to reveal London’s intangible boundaries by presenting invisible data elements on your mobile. The app enables you to visualise data on wind, pollution and other social, economical and environmental data sets within the London Bridge area.

The app is available for iOS and Android. Download it for free on the App Store and Google Play:

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How it works

When using the app, you’ll be able to select ‘key activators’ to begin the experience at designated locations. Use the map below or on the app to find AR spots to begin the experience. Some features, like air pollution data, are available across London in Zones 1 and 2.

Once you’re at the AR spots, specific data sets will be illustrated through augmented reality displayed on your phone, allowing space to reflect and experience intangible thresholds that surround you. Other data, such as house prices, anxiety rates and more, will be accessible from these points as well. You’ll be able to interact with the data displayed, voting on and sharing it to your social media.

Currently, many features of the app only operate at designated locations in the London Bridge area – future versions of Beyond the Map will include wider regions.

App features

Through AR, app users will be able to uncover the hidden secrets of London through data visualisation on their mobile devices. Beyond the Map displays social, economic and environmental data of London on your phone, allowing you to vote and interact with the city around you with the option to share onto your social media.

Wind comfort

View how wind navigates some of the city’s tallest buildings using augmented reality.

Air pollution

Visualise London’s air quality through AR. You’ll be able to see the pollution levels across zones 1 and 2.


Find out which borough is the happiest and litters the most and more through data visualisation.

Sentiment map

Like the data you’ve uncovered? Interact with the sentiment map and rate the area.

What data is included?

  • Rates of anxiety
  • Crime rates
  • Green space coverage
  • Amounts of coastal waste
  • Number of pubs per borough
  • And over 30 other data sets

The concept

How can we negotiate the definition of a boundary? How can we reflect all the different kinds of borders that forge our cities and define our personal spaces? We argue that hard, physical limits aren’t the decisive factor towards our conception of a ‘boundary’, in present day society. Today soft, intangible borders surround us in different scales, from the society to the individual and from the city to the neighbourhood. Blurred invisible notions play a huge role in determining our decisions, thus affecting our lives. How can we interact with a ‘soft boundary’? Would the visualisation of intangible data change our perception of limits or affect our behaviour?

We aim to develop an experience which visually interprets intangible boundaries currently present in London, within the festival’s focus areas. Social, environmental and economic data will form the basis for exposing the visitor towards contextually related information that contributes in defining a contemporary boundary condition. The specific datasets will be illustrated through augmented reality (AR) displayed on the visitor’s phone, allowing space for people to reflect and experience intangible thresholds that surround them. The overall hopes to start a conversation on the intangible boundaries data can highlight.

The London Festival of Architecture

The London Festival of Architecture is the world’s largest architecture festival. Taking place in London from 1st – 30th June, the theme for this year’s month long event is ‘boundaries’. Across the capital, there will be a diverse programme of public events, attracting over 600,000 people last year. Our app will primarily be focused in the London Bridge Area.

Who is behind the app?


A progressive, design-led structural and civil engineering firm.

Hilson Moran

A leading multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy.

Tyréns UK

An interdisciplinary urbanism and digital strategy consultancy.


A digital city model developed by GIA and Wagstaffs.

Supported devices

Beyond the Map is only supported by devices with ARkit (Apple) or ARCore (Android). Models of mobile devices without this will not support the app. Please check compatibility when downloading the app.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to contact the team behind Beyond the Map, we can be reached by phone, post or email.

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    Beyond the Map team
    AKT II Limited
    White Colar Factory
    1 Old Street Yard
    EC1Y 8AF
  • Phone

    +44 20 7250 7777
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